Daily Deals

Monday Madness

Shine Factor Wash $12
(regularly $16)

Monday Deal. Shine Factor $12. Includes Wheel Factor Plus Rain X, Extreme Shine Wax, Undercarriage, Total Bug and Pre-prep, Waterfall Rinse

Tuesday Treat

Manager's Special Wash $15
(regularly $25)

Tuesday Deal. Manager's Special $15. Includes Luminaura, Ceramic Coat, and Lava Factor, plus extreme shine wax, Rain X, Buff and Shine, Waterfall Rinse, Undercarriage, Total Bug and Pre-Prep, High Pressure Rinse Factor

Throwback Thursday

Wheel Factor Wash $9
(regularly $12)

Thursday Deal. Wheel Factor $9. Includes Basic wash plus extreme tire shine, wheel boss rim and tire scrubber, triple foam, wheel blaster, body guard clearcoat protectant
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