Shine Factory Express Car Wash

— Our Services —

Car Wash

We have the top of the line equipment that cleans the exterior of your vehicle for you.  Our chemicals are environmentally friendly and produce an amazing shine.

Glass Cleaner

We offer glass cleaner on our carts for your use.  Please ensure you're placing them back onto the carts after use so others may use it as well.

Interior VAC Service

Our vacuums are some of the strongest around.  Guaranteed to get all the dirt from each crevice.  We also have air nozzles at each vacuum station for blowing out vents.  

Mat Wash Service

We have a mat cleaning machine on site that is $1 to use for all flat mats.  We also have a free mat cleaning station for large rubber mats that includes clips to hang mats, a brush, and water hose.

- Our Add Ons -

Buff and Shine

This machine is at the end of the tunnel and is made of non-absorbent material.  It provides a polish and shine to your car.  This can be added to all washes except the Lava Factor as it's already included. 

Extreme Tire Shine

This will make your tires shine.  Our chemical is a non-sling formula so no worries about it getting on your car when you drive away.  This can be added to the Basic Factor as it's already included in all the other washes.


This will make water bead up and slide right off the surface of your vehicle.   This can be added to the Basic Factor as it's already included in all other washes.   

Extreme Shine Wax

This wax will give you a shine like no other.  This is our Hot Carnauba Wax.  This can be added to the Basic and Wheel Factor as it's already included in the Shine and Lava Factor.

Total Bug Prep

Bugs are a pest and love to get stuck to the front of vehicles.  This chemical helps loosen them up and makes it easier to brush off.  This can be added to the Basic and Wheel Factor and it's already included in the Shine and Lava Factor.  

Luminaura Wax

You want a shine you can feel.  This is like getting a hand wax without the hands and in less time.  This can be added to all washes.